Why Choose Us

There are so many major brands out there, why choose Snookums? Here are a few reasons why Snookums is a great option for you and your growing family:

  • Cost efficient. Our brand is up to 30% cheaper than mainstream brands. This means you’ll have more to spend on other necessities and/or treats for the little ones.
  • 2 Step Wetness Indicators across ALL our nappy range. Some mainstream brands have wetness indicators, but sometimes it only features on certain sizes. Our wetness indicators feature across all our nappies including our more affordable Simply Snookums range.
  • Great Features. Yes, our cost is much lower than mainstream brands, but we still have all the great features that big brands offer: super absorbent, Velcro grip tabs, comfortable fit and waterproof barriers.
  • Unisex Design. Our nappies come in great design that suit boys and girls.
  • Available in many sizes. We cater to newborns up to toddlers. We have a range of nappies for all ages.
  • Value Packs. Our nappies come packed in a big quantity per box. You’ll save cost buy buying our packs.
  • Excellent Reviews. We have had no reports of nappy rash & have had many excellent reviews from parents across Australia.
Interested in our nappies? Get in touch!